A Future Canadian Partnership

ECCO deserves a stable logistics partnerspecializing in Wholesale, Retail, eCommerce and Drop Shipping with Scalable, Intelligent Facilities & Logistics in Canada

Warehouse Facilities

The NLS network is strategically located and concentrated in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) with direct access to critical infrastructure including arteries to the 400 series highways and mass transit lines, The comment we hear most often from visitors at our facilities is about the cleanliness and efficient layout of our operations.

Wholesale & Retail

We provide end-to-end solutions to streamline your supply chain and drive operational efficiency. Our dedicated team of logistics experts works tirelessly to ensure seamless coordination, timely deliveries, and cost-effective solutions for your wholesale and retail operations.

eCommerce & Drop Shipping

From warehouse and inventory management to order fulfillment and last-mile delivery, our 3PL solutions optimize your operations and enhance customer satisfaction.  Experience the benefits of our cutting-edge eCommerce and Drop Shipping capabilities as we navigate the dynamic world of online commerce together.

We are Omnichannel Specialists with the Scalability and Flexibility to meet ECCO Footwear requirements

inventory management

Our Credentials

  • Serving Canadian and International Partners since 1967
  • 2.1M square feet of warehouse and facility space

Operational Solutions

  • Omnichannel specialists
  • Returns processing
  • Customized high level solution design

Availability and Speed

  • 80,000 square feet of available space for ECCO
  • SAP Integration
  • Time from signature to implementation
inventory management

Operational and Commercial Models

  • Wholly owned and shared facilities providing flexibility
  • Our history of long-term partnerships

Governance and Communication

  • NLS is a Canadian-based organization
  • Customer service-oriented teams and processes.
  • On-site logistics manager 

Ian Sinclair, Director of Business Development

Thomas Nowak Director of Business Development
  • Your NLS Point of Contact
  • Director of Business Development
  • Leader in supply chain, logistics, warehousing and ecommerce fulfillment
  • Leader for DHL, FedEx, ShipHero, and JD.com in North America, Caribbean, and the Middle East

NLS Warehouse Facilities

Main Office

150 Courtneypark Drive, Mississauga, ON Canada L5W 1Y6

As an organization, we are extremely detailed regarding every aspect of preventative maintenance, Health & Safety, and cleanliness of the facilities. Our head-office in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is located at 150 Courtneypark Dr. West. We operate 12 facilities within the GTA and port coverage through our Western Canada facility located at 110-7411 Nelson Road Richmond, BC. Our facilities are strategically located offering access to major transportation arteries and excellent transit connectivity.


24 – 40-foot clear ceiling with active pick locations and bulk storage areas


Manned security office, 7-day 24-hour monitoring with state-of-the-art digital CCTV surveillance systems


Strictly enforced facility standards (ESFR Sprinkler and Smoke System, PCO, Health & Safety, Quality Control)


Fenced facility yards with several that are gated providing security access and control points


Security officers at each facility require staff to pass through security upon entering and exit with bag checks


Mandatory health check prior to entry, mandatory masks on premises, physical distancing, and temperature checks.

Our Locations

105 Iron Street | Etobicoke, ON | 121,600 sqft
110A Iron Street | Etobicoke, ON | 112,000 sqft
110B Iron Street | Etobicoke, ON | 106,481 sqft
26 Monogram Place | Etobicoke, ON | 150,192 sqft
6185 McLaughlin Road | Mississauga, ON | 150,349 sqft
7045 Beckett Drive | Mississauga, ON | 149,629 sqft
350 Admiral Boulevard | Mississauga, ON | 125,406 sqft
475 Admiral Boulevard | Mississauga, ON | 219,950 sqft
200 Chrysler Drive | Brampton, ON | 290,291 sqft
150 Courtneypark Drive W. | Mississauga, ON | 201,712 sqft
2299 Hogan Drive | Mississauga, ON | 303,918 sqft

Technology and Innovation

Scalable technology solutions play a crucial role in improving the future of logistics through the development and deployment of cutting-edge technologies that optimize supply chain management.

How is National Logistics Services looking towards the future with Scalable technology solutions?


  • Leveraging AI and Machine Learning: With the help of artificial intelligence, we are able to optimize the supply chain, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. 
  • Automating Complex Tasks: Advanced robotics and automation lets us automate complex tasks and improve productivity.
  • Improving Data Analytics and Visualization: We are improving logistics operations by providing data analytics and visualization tools that enable companies to gain insights into operations.
  • Streamlining Operations: Cloud-based solutions like Microsoft Azure and Snowflake enable us to easily deploy and manage applications and services, while also providing advanced security and compliance capabilities.

 Our Technology Capabilities and Scalability Support ECCO’s Logistics Needs

A robotic picker in an NLS warehouse ensuring order are picked and packed ontime and properly.

Customers want quick shipping, real-time visibility, flexibility, and great customer service. Integrating robust, long term technological trends, will ensure consumer demands are fulfilled with the help of our technologies and teams.

Technology and scalability backed up with real world experience.


  • Robotics. We optimize efficiency throughput across all facilities including, slotting, packout, replenishment and putaway with our team and robotics support.
  • Business Intelligence. We turn the substantial amount of data collected into client insights that will help to propel Ooni forward.
  • BI Analytics. Leveraging industry leading technologies such as Snowflake and Power BI dynamic dashboards that will empower us to analyze trends and generate data insights.
  • End-to-End Integration. WMS capabilities to perform EDI data interface with Ooni ERP systems
  • Cybersecurity. A robust cybersecurity maturity roadmap aligned with the Center for Internet Security ® CIS Critical Security Controls.

Diversity & Inclusion Enrich and Strengthen the NLS and ECCO


We strive to bring together people with different perspectives and approaches, creating a melting pot of fresh, innovative ideas that generate cutting-edge concepts and breakthroughs.


  • Performance. We are expected to perform everyday for our customers, our company and ourselves. We are measured accordingly ensuring we are efficient, effective and profitable on an ongoing basis
  • Integrity. We are open and honest with our customers, our suppliers and each other, resulting in long term mutually beneficial relationships
  • Employees. We support and promote a culture that provides recognition and reward for adhering to our values. We are given the opportunity to attack new challenges resulting in personal growth and long term development
  • Customers. We understand that we are a vital link in helping our customers achieve their corporate goals. This ultimately ensures our success and achieves life-long customers
  • Empowerment. We are all expected and empowered to challenge our processes and practices, continually striving to strengthen our organization

Omnichannel Logistics Solutions

Direct to Consumer

Our well-established retail relationships, transportation partnerships, and infrastructure provide clients with a significant advantage for reaching and serving consumers through wholesale, brick-and-mortar, and e-commerce channels.