The NLS systems provide you with real-time accessibility, flexibility, and control while being capable of responding to your level of integration capabilities. Our proprietary system, “Navigator”, allows for efficient, effective exchange of data between the NLS WMS and our clients’ systems, from very basic through to the most sophisticated level of data communication and integration. We provide:

  • State of the Art, Tier I Warehouse Management System (WMS)
    • RF controlled
    • secure network and data integrity
    • meets Sarbanes Oxley audit requirements
  • In-house Technical Development Team
    • for flexibility & quick response
    • customized solutions
    • client integration
  • Proprietary “Navigator” System
    • for complete order management
    • all levels of communication exchange: email, FTP, XML, EDI
    • multiple levels of reporting and inquiry


NLS understands it’s as much about providing useful information as it is about moving your product. Our information-rich BI software helps both NLS and our clients:

  • Have visibility of their supply chain
  • Provide information in user friendly formats for all levels of staff to make informed decisions and analysis
  • Provide meaningful reports and information that help our clients form a true competitive advantage
  • Have freedom to use reports that are exported into user friendly formats and complete further analysis independently as required.

Each client is assigned an NLS support team who intimately understands your business, manages and measures the performance indicators important to you and your supply chain, and translates business intelligence into opportunities for continued improvement.