Distribution and Replenishment

Streamline Your Distribution and Replenishment

NLS is well-equipped to respond to changing demands in the market. We understand the importance of speed to market and strive to ensure that initial allocations reach their destinations promptly. NLS is committed to swiftly responding to sales demands through our comprehensive range of on-time services.

One of the key strengths of NLS lies in creating a seamless retail experience for our clients. NLS efficiently handles product receipt, ensuring that vendors and purchase orders comply with the required standards, maintaining a smooth supply chain and minimizing disruptions.

    Fulfilment Capabilities

    NLS offers a comprehensive range of fulfillment capabilities to meet your needs. With NLS, you can expect a tailored approach that optimizes your distribution process. Our fulfilment capabilities include:

    • Product Receipt, Vendor & PO Compliance
    • Storage: Merchandise, High Value, Supplies, Fixtures
    • Inventory Control; Stock Taking (Min/Max Levels)
    • Inventory Replenishment
    • Order Allocation/Re-Allocation
    • Unit, Case, and Pallet Pick Processing
    • GOH (Goods on Hanger)
    • Store Ready/ Value-Added Service: Ticketing/Re-Ticketing/Hang-Tagging, Labeling, Security Tagging
    • Bulk Processing: Merchandise, supplies, wrap and pack
    • Preparation and Pack & Hold of Merchandise for New Stores (including “Floor Ready” preparation)
    • Shipping & End-Customer Routing
    • Visual, Store Supplies & Marketing Merchandise Management

    distribution and replenishment
    delivering to key retail destinations

    Precision Order Allocation and Fulfillment

    We have the capabilities to process each inner and master case pick accurately and in a timely manner, ensuring that your orders are fulfilled with precision. By streamlining the distribution process and reducing errors, we enhance customer satisfaction.


    Specialized Services for Retailers

    NLS goes beyond core distribution services to offer specialized solutions tailored to the needs of retailers. We offer store-ready services that save you time and effort, improving operational efficiency and keeping you competitive.

    An Extensive Network

    Management of Store Supplies, Fixtures, and Marketing Material

    We work with you to develop a systemic product identifier for efficient inventory management, integrating with your ERP where suitable. Our process flow perspective ensures seamless behavior and allows for efficient visibility and reporting.

    A robotic picker in an NLS warehouse ensuring order are picked and packed ontime and properly.

    NLS carefully monitors stock levels, conducting regular stock-taking to ensure that inventory remains within the predetermined minimum and maximum thresholds. This proactive approach enables NLS to optimize stock levels, preventing both understocking and overstocking situations.

    Take your distribution and replenishment to the next level with NLS. Experience a seamless retail experience, optimized inventory management, precision order fulfillment, and specialized services tailored to your needs. Contact us today to elevate your operations and stay ahead in the competitive retail landscape.

    A Full Suite of Omnichannel Capabilities








    Returns Management


    Transportation Management


    Inbound Management


    Outbound Transportation


    Reverse Logistics


    Tier 1 Integrations


    Client Reporting


    Business Intelligence


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Learn more about NLS’ Transportation Services and how our team of logistics experts can help elevate your brand.

    What Are Min/Max Levels?

    When it comes to inventory control, the min/max method is used to keep current on-hand inventory within a specific range. A minimum stocking level is set. When stock falls below this value more product is automatically reordered.

    What Is Order Allocation?

    Order Allocation is the process of sorting physical products from inventory to orders being shipped. Each order being shipped is then fulfilled from the appropriate fulfilment site.

    What Other Services Does NLS Offer?

    NLS offers a wide range of logistics services including:

    •  Crossdock/Pool Point
    •  Transportation
    •  E-Commerce
    •  Reverse Logistics/Recalls
    •  Drayage
    How Do I Get Started?

    Starting the process is easy. Talk to an expert by filling out our contact form and a member of our team will get in touch to further explore your logistics needs and find the best solution for you and your business.

    Omnichannel Logistics Solutions

    Direct to Consumer

    Our well-established retail relationships, transportation partnerships, and infrastructure provide clients with a significant advantage for reaching and serving consumers through wholesale, brick-and-mortar, and e-commerce channels.