Great Place to Work


A Great Place to Work

Great Place To Work® Certification acknowledges organizations that excel in fostering an exceptional employee experience and cultivating an impressive workplace culture.

The certification process involves two key steps: conducting surveys among employees and completing a brief questionnaire addressing the organization’s work culture. The survey results solely rely on the feedback provided by employees, offering potential job seekers insights into the company’s commendable culture.

Attaining certification not only grants employers a recruiting edge but also affords them a globally recognized and research-backed confirmation of providing an outstanding employee experience.

90% of employees say Great Place To Work® Certification is a key deciding factor when choosing a new organization to apply to.


In The Workplace

At NLS, we understand that a diverse and inclusive workplace not only enhances the professional growth of our employees but also leads to a more vibrant and dynamic company culture. We recognize that it’s the collective strength of our diverse talents that propels us forward, fostering creativity and collaboration at every turn.

Join us at NLS, where our unwavering commitment to DEI isn’t just a policy; it’s a testament to our belief that a workplace built on diversity and inclusion is a workplace destined for success.

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Delivering PIECE of Mind: Our Values


We are expected to perform everyday for our customers, our company and ourselves. We are measured accordingly ensuring we are efficient, effective and profitable on an ongoing basis.


We are open and honest with our customers, our suppliers and each other, resulting in long term mutually beneficial relationships.


We support and promote a culture that provides recognition and reward for adhering to our values. We are given the opportunity to attack new challenges resulting in personal growth and long term development.


We understand that we are a vital link in helping our customers achieve their corporate goals. This ultimately ensures our success and achieves life-long customers.


We are all expected and empowered to challenge our processes and practices, continually striving to strengthen our organization.

Omnichannel Logistics Solutions

Direct to Consumer

Our well-established retail relationships, transportation partnerships, and infrastructure provide clients with a significant advantage for reaching and serving consumers through wholesale, brick-and-mortar, and e-commerce channels.