Streamlining Your Supply Chain

Drayage is a crucial part of transportation logistics, involving the movement of goods over short distances within ports, between ports and inland locations, or among different locations in a region. It connects different transportation modes and facilitates efficient cargo transfer. Drayage typically covers short distances, ranging from a few miles to around 100 miles, depending on specific requirements and location. Despite the short distances, efficient and reliable drayage services are vital for an effective supply chain.

    Drayage Operations Overview

    Loading & Unloading

    Upon reaching the destination, NLS is responsible for unloading the containers from the trucks. This step involves carefully maneuvering the containers and safely placing them at the designated location. The efficient loading and unloading of cargo are crucial to minimize transit time and ensure the timely movement of goods.



    With a focus on minimizing delays and optimizing routes, NLS not only enhances overall supply chain efficiency but also significantly reduces carbon emissions by streamlining cargo movements and preventing unnecessary congestion.

    Speed and Efficiency

    By leveraging NLS’ network and expertise in local transportation, businesses can significantly reduce transit times. The streamlined processes and efficient handling of containers ensure that goods are delivered promptly, enabling businesses to meet tight schedules and customer demands.

    Supply Chain Management

    Your business depends on smooth and reliable supply chains to ensure the availability of raw materials and the efficient delivery of finished products. NLS plays a critical role in connecting manufacturing facilities with ports, rail yards, and warehouses. By integrating drayage services into your supply chain, you can enhance operational efficiency, reduce transportation costs, and maintain a consistent flow of materials and products.

    Our Expertise

    High Volume Shipments

    The rapid growth of e-commerce has resulted in an increased demand for efficient logistics services. NLS supports e-commerce companies by facilitating the movement of containers containing products from fulfillment centers to ports or vice versa. NLS has expertise in handling high volumes of shipments can help e-commerce companies streamline their operations, reduce transit times, and meet the expectations of their online customers.

    Cost-Effectiveness and Optimization

    NLS offers cost-effective solutions for businesses by optimizing supply chain logistics. By focusing on short-distance transportation, drayage eliminates the need for long-haul trucking or expensive air freight for nearby destinations. This cost-efficient approach reduces transportation expenses, contributes to overall supply chain cost optimization, and enhances the profitability of your businesses.

    A robotic picker in an NLS warehouse ensuring order are picked and packed ontime and properly.

    Ports are complex hubs with intricate processes and regulations. NLS has in-depth knowledge of port operations, documentation requirements, and compliance. Our expertise ensures seamless coordination with port authorities, enabling smooth container pickup and delivery.

    Choosing drayage brings significant advantages to businesses, including speed, cost-effectiveness, access to experienced providers, reduced transportation time, and expertise in navigating port operations and regulations. By leveraging these unique values, you can enhance your supply chain efficiency, gain a competitive edge, and achieve greater success.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Learn more about NLS’ Crossdock Services and how our team of logistics experts can help elevate your brand.

    Can Drayage Meet My Timely Needs?

    Retailers and distributors are often challenged by the need for timely movement of goods to meet customer demands. Drayage services enable you to efficiently transport containers from ports to distribution centers or directly to retail locations. 

    Is Drayage Limited To Large Operations?

    Drayage services are not limited to international trade or large-scale operations. Any business that requires efficient transportation over short distances within a specific region can benefit from drayage. Drayage can provide cost-effective and reliable logistics solutions tailored to your unique needs.

    What Other Logistics Services Does NLS Offer?

    NLS offers a wide range of logistics services including:

    •  Distribution and Replenishment
    •  Transportation
    •  E-Commerce
    •  Reverse Logistics/Recalls
    •  Drayage
    How Do I Get Started?

    Starting the process is easy. Talk to an expert by filling out our contact form and a member of our team will get in touch to further explore your logistics needs and find the best solution for you and your business. 

    Omnichannel Logistics Solutions

    Our well-established retail relationships, transportation partnerships, and infrastructure provide clients with a significant advantage for reaching and serving consumers through wholesale, brick-and-mortar, and e-commerce channels.