6 Rivers Mobile App, A.I. in Logistics and the Future of the Supply Chain and Shipping

by | Mar 31, 2023 | 3PL, Logistics

6 Rivers Systems has announced a new mobile fulfillment app. Research from the University of Notre Dame finds that robots and A.I. complements workers. The Canadian government is allocating funds to support the supply chain. GLS has launched new shipping tiers at competitive prices and B.C. takes another step forward with Hydrogen fuel trucks.

6 Rivers To Release Mobile Fulfillment App

6 River Systems LLC has announced a new Mobile Fulfillment app that allows customers to pick items even without a Chuck mobile robot. The app is currently being tested and is expected to be commercially available in Q3 2023. The app allows customers to pick items using allocation, batching, and prioritization algorithms and track orders using a single system. 

Source: SupplyChain247

Will A.I. Replace Logistics Workers?

New research from the University of Notre Dame has found that industrial robots complement rather than replace human workers. The study showed that robots did have a negative impact on the number of human employees and their local wages, but this impact has rebounded and turned positive. The report suggests this is due to the automation of tasks and a reduction in production costs, the improvements of robot technology performing the same tasks, and the creation of new tasks spurred by automation technologies and abilities.

Source: Inside Logistics

Canada Allocates Funds For Supply Chain

The 2023 federal budget in Canada has allocated funds to establish a Transportation Supply Chain Office at Transport Canada. It took a budget of $27.2 million over five years to coordinate actions to improve the country’s transportation supply chain infrastructure. Additionally, Transport Canada and Statistics Canada will collaborate to improve transportation supply chain data collection and planning, with an allocated budget of $25 million over five years.

Source: Inside Logistics

GLS Launches Competitive Shipping Prices

GLS has launched new Zone 0 and Zone 1 pricing tiers, offering a more targeted approach to parcel pricing. The company uses technology and analytics to develop granular ZIP code-level costing and pricing based on factors such as distance, the density of the destination, and specific handling requirements. The carrier claims that its approach is more cost-effective than the one-size-fits-all structure used by larger carriers.

Source: Freight Waves

B.C. Retrofits Trucks To Use Hydrogen Fuel

Eight commercial truck fleets have signed up to retrofit their Class 8 trucks to use hydrogen fuel in British Columbia. The project is being led by Hydra Energy, which will use its proprietary hydrogen-diesel, co-combustion conversion technology. The trucks will refuel at a hydrogen refuelling station Hydra is building in Prince George, set to start running in 2024.

Source: Inside Logistics

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