Canada Sees Exceptional Rail Rates, UPS expands RFID Initiative, and Mercedes Brings Electric Delivery Trucks to Canada.

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According to a report, Canada’s average rail freight rate is 11% lower than that of the US. UPS will expand its smart package initiative this year after successful testing. Mercedes-Benz Vans is set to launch a new electric Sprinter cargo van in Canada. Instacart is preparing to launch a new delivery service for small businesses and a Swiss pilot project launches autonomous delivery for a Schindler Campus.

Canadian Rail Freight Rate Beats US

According to a report by the Railways Association of Canada, Canada’s average rail freight rate is 11% lower than that of the US and significantly lower than rates in other parts of the world. The report surveyed 11 countries representing two-thirds of global GDP and found that Canadian rates are significantly lower than market-based economies in Europe and Asia.

Source: Inside Logistics

UPS’ RFID Initiative Expands in 2023

UPS will expand its smart package initiative to the rest of its US network this year after successful testing in 2022. The program involves using RFID tags on packages and wearable devices on employees to eliminate manual scans, reduce misloads, and increase parcel throughput. The company plans to invest $140 million in the initiative this year as it implements the technology in all facilities.

Source: Supply Chain Drive

Mercedes Sprints Trucks Into Canada

Mercedes-Benz Vans will launch a new electric Sprinter cargo van in Canada in 2023. The long-wheelbase van has a high roof and a range of 400 kilometres. It comes with a 113-kilowatt-hour battery, and the vehicle can charge with both AC and DC. The new eSprinter has a load capacity of 14 cubic meters, a payload of 1,190 kg, and a permissible gross vehicle weight of 4.25 tons.

Source: Inside Logistics

Instacart to Team Up With Small Businesses

Instacart is preparing to launch a new delivery service called Instacart Business which will focus on delivering office supplies and cleaning products to small businesses. The new service will help Instacart compete with companies like Amazon and Walmart as it gears up for an IPO.  There is currently no official launch date yet. The move also follows similar initiatives by competitors such as DoorDash and Uber Eats.

Source: Freight Waves

Swiss Pilot Project Launches Autonomous Deliveries

Swiss supermarket Migros, startup LOXO, and elevator maker Schindler are testing an autonomous delivery service called “Migronomous.” The service uses a self-driving electric vehicle which transports groceries from a Migros store to the Schindler Campus. Employees can place an order online, and the vehicle will automatically drive to the company’s premises, allowing them to retrieve their purchases using a code.

Source: Supply Chain Drive

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