Canada Proposes Railway Investments While America Prepares For Possible Rail Strike

by | Nov 30, 2022 | 3PL, Logistics

The Minister of Transportation for Canada has proposed legislation to modernize Canada’s railways, Amazon has manufactured a new delivery drone, with the possibility of a rail strike the A.C.C estimates a possible $160 billion impact, DHLink is teaming up with SHOPLINE to leverage their resources and improve cross-border logistics, and DoorDash has added Sephora to their app’s catalogue.

Canada Proposes Investing In Railways

The Minister of Transportation for Canada, Omar Alghabra, proposed legislation last week aimed at amending current legislation and modernizing Canada’s marine and rail transportation systems. Railway amendments look to improve the transparency and efficiency of safety oversight by modernizing key processes. A complete list of proposed amendments can be found here.

How A Rail Strike Could Impact Your Business

After a last-minute deal adverted a rail strike in September the American Chemistry Council has projected what an actual rail strike would do to the economy. The trade group estimates that a one-week strike would impact $2.8 billion in chemicals cargo. A one-month strike would impact up to $160 billion. These impacts would lead to chemical plants shutting down, lowering GDP and more inflation.

Amazon Unveils New Drone

After recently cutting back on their drone program, Amazon unveiled the MK30 this week. A delivery drone that can survive harsher weather conditions and can deliver in the rain. The drone will enter production in 2024 and service the areas of Lockeford, California, and College Station, Texas.

DHLink Plans To Increase Efficiency Of Cross-Border Logistics

 Last week DHLink announced a partnership with SHOPLINE Logistics to bring resources together and increase reliable fast delivery. The two companies will leverage the advantages of direct mail channels, warehousing, and freight transportation on both sides, with the goal to simplify the logistics process, eliminating connection problems, and enhancing transport efficiency.

From Food Delivery To Retail-Therapy

Doordash has announced that Sephora will soon be available on their app for customers to shop and receive quick delivery. Sephora is the latest store to join Doordash’s diverse catalogue initiative. Doordash has offered stores outside of restaurants for a few years but it wasn’t until December 2021 that the feature gained popularity.

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