Logistics Update:  New Fraud Tool For Transportation and Autonomous Forklifts With NVIDIA A.I.

by | Mar 26, 2024 | Logistics

Recently in logistics, Transfix Inc. has launched a tool to combat identity fraud in the industry, February saw an 11% increase in global air freight volumes, ArcBest is adopting Nvidia’s Isaac Perceptor AI for autonomous forklifts, Westcap Mgt. Ltd.’s invests in Northway Aviation to enhance air access for Manitoba and Ontario’s remote areas, and Nikola’s hydrogen truck launch has been delayed.

Transfix Launches Anti-Fraud Tool For Logistics Industry

Transfix Inc. has launched Transfix Shield, a comprehensive solution to combat identity fraud in the commercial transportation industry. Consisting of RateCon Shield and Facility Shield, this initiative equips freight brokerages and shippers with tools to protect their businesses and carrier partners from the detrimental effects of freight fraud. Facility Shield extends fraud prevention measures to the facility level, allowing shippers to verify carriers before granting access, thereby reducing the risk of theft. 

Source: Freight Waves

Cross-border Air Freight Growth and Shifts Driven by E-Commerce

February saw an 11% increase in global air freight volumes, with spot rates up to $2.29/kg, spurred by e-commerce growth from Guangzhou and Hong Kong. Significant rate rises on routes from Europe and China to the U.S., plus a 4% hike in load factor, signal tight capacity. This uptick reflects shippers’ shift from sea to air freight, driven by e-commerce and seasonal demands.

Source: Supply Chain Dive

ArcBest Integrates Nvidia AI for Safer Autonomous Forklift Operations

ArcBest is adopting Nvidia’s Isaac Perceptor AI to boost safety and efficiency in warehouses by enhancing human-robot interactions. This AI, which can process 16.5 million 3D points per second for accurate object recognition and navigation, represents a shift from conventional 3D LiDAR sensors. The use of this technology, including in autonomous forklifts, underscores ArcBest’s commitment to leading in logistics innovation.

Source: Freight Waves

Westcap’s Strategic Investment in Northway Aviation

Westcap Mgt. Ltd.’s investment in Northway Aviation enhances air access for Manitoba and Ontario’s remote areas. Northway is celebrated for safety and reliability, serving over fifteen communities with more than 10,000 annual flights. This partnership seeks to boost Northway’s services amid increasing demand from regional development.

Source: Inside Logistics

Nikola’s Zero-Emission Truck Rollout Faces Supply-Chain Speed Bumps

Nikola’s hydrogen truck launch has been delayed due to a parts shortage. Despite high demand in California driven by emissions laws and subsidies, high production costs from urgent European shipments and infrastructure development challenges hinder progress.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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