Shopify Sells Logistics Business, RFID Is On The Rise, Footwear Sales Are Up and Volta Trucks Is Coming To North America

by | May 12, 2023 | Logistics


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Shopify is selling its logistics-fulfillment operations and 6 River Systems warehouse robotics operation. Meanwhile, RFID technology continues to gain popularity in the retail industry, with companies using it for self-checkout and improved inventory tracking. The footwear industry has experienced fluctuations in sales. Volta Trucks is set to launch its all-electric vehicles in the US, starting with the Volta Zero, and Zipline has secured new clients for its home delivery service, including GNC and Pagliacci Pizza. 

Shopify Sells Logistics Business

Flexport is acquiring Shopify’s logistics-fulfillment operations. This move positions Flexport to offer home-delivery services and compete with Amazon for retailer business. Shopify is also selling its 6 River Systems warehouse robotics operation to Ocado Group, a UK-based automated grocery-fulfillment specialist. As a result of these transactions, Shopify plans to lay off approximately 20% of its workforce. The company’s CEO, Tobi Lutke, stated that these changes will allow Shopify to focus more on its core mission.

Source: Wall Street Journal

Retail is Embracing RFID

Retailers like Zara, Uniqlo, and American Eagle are increasingly adopting RFID technology for improved inventory tracking and self-checkout capabilities. The decreasing costs and improved accuracy of RFID systems have encouraged more companies to embrace this technology for precise inventory monitoring across multiple channels. Research demonstrates that RFID can significantly enhance inventory accuracy, leading to benefits like increased sales with reduced stock levels. Despite its advantages, integrating RFID into existing operations poses challenges. To unlock the full potential of RFID, companies are exploring additional applications such as combining it with artificial intelligence, implementing self-checkout systems, and utilizing it to gather valuable data on customer interactions in physical stores. 

Source: Business of Fashion

Footwear Sales Are Up But Demand Is Low

The footwear industry has experienced fluctuating sales in recent years, with varying trends in the running footwear category. While running participation and market share initially increased during the pandemic, they have since declined. However, fashion has emerged as a significant factor in driving the running footwear market. Performance athletic shoes are no longer limited to sports and exercise; they are increasingly being worn for casual and everyday use. Although sales revenue has grown, unit demand has slowed, suggesting that pricing growth will stabilize in 2023. Opportunities for growth include tapping into the women’s footwear market, focusing on innovation, and attracting younger consumers who prioritize fashion and fitness.

Source: ISSUU

Volta Trucks Coming To North America

Volta Trucks has announced that it will launch and publicly display its all-electric Volta Zero commercial vehicle at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in the US. The introduction of Volta Trucks’ electric vehicles in North America will begin with the Class 6 and Class 7 Volta Zero models in 2023, followed by a Driving Experience Program for fleet operators to evaluate the vehicles in real-world distribution environments. The Volta Zero offers a range of 150 to 200 km and is designed for urban logistics with enhanced safety features.

Source: Inside Logistics

Zipline Prepares For Home Delivery Launch

Drone delivery company Zipline has secured new clients in the retail, food, and healthcare logistics sectors for its upcoming home delivery service. GNC, Pagliacci Pizza, and Associated Couriers have signed up to use Zipline’s Platform 2 service, which involves using delivery drones and droids to transport goods. While specific launch dates were not disclosed, GNC will initially offer delivery through Zipline’s Platform 1 this year, with plans to implement Platform 2 in 2024. The new customers believe that partnering with Zipline will enable them to reach end consumers more efficiently, providing faster delivery of their products.

Source: Supply Chain Drive

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